Q: My pool water seems to be cloudy.
How do I fix that?

A: Cloudy water can either be the cause of many chemical imbalances or the result of equipment not operating at their optimal levels.  When this occurs please call Superior Pool & Spa and we will do a FREE at home water and equipment analysis to help diagnose the problem.

Q: The water level in my pool appears to be dropping.
Is there a leak in my liner?

A: Noticeable water loss over a 24 hour period can be due to a rip or tear in the vinyl liner as well as the possibility of plumbing and/or equipment issues. When unsure as to whether or not your pool is losing more water than typical evaporation would account for try performing the Bucket Test:

  • Step one is to bring the pool water to its normal level.
  • Step two is to fill the bucket with pool water to about one inch from the top.
  • Steps three and four are to place the bucket in the pool; preferably on the first or second step of the pool and mark the water level on the inside of the bucket.
  • Step five is to shut off the pump and mark the level of the pool water on the outside of the bucket.
  • Step six is to resume normal pump operation.
  • Step seven is to return to the pool 24 hours later and compare the two levels. If the pool water (outside line) goes down more than the inside water level, there is probably a leak. In case of rain repeat the test.

Test is not valid after 24 hours. If a leak is the case, please remember to Call Superior Pool & Spa promptly so we can help you get your pool back on track to an enjoyable swimming season!

Q: My water does not seem to be flowing from the “jets” as fast as it used to. Is something broken?
A:  Slow water flow can be caused by several factors, most notably a dirty filter.  One way to check this is to read the pressure gauge meter and see if it’s around ten pounds per square inch or higher than normal.  Backwashing is recommended if this is the case. Running your pool above the desired operating limits may cause additional problems resulting in costly chemical purchases and/or repairs. Other steps may need to be performed in which case you should call Superior Pool & Spa so we can offer some assistance.

Q: After you perform weekly maintenance how will I know you were there?
A: Superior Pool & Spa leaves a detailed checklist of all work performed at every house we visit.  We truly are the swimming pool maintenance specialists and make it a point to treat every pool as though it were our own.

Q: I am about to run out of chemicals. Should I go to the store and buy some or can I get chemicals from you?
A: Superior Pool & Spa does not only sell chemicals and pool accessories at a lower rate than most of the local retailers, but we will also at NO CHARGE deliver the products directly to your home and if requested show you the proper way to administer them.

Q: My Wife and I are concerned about keeping our younger children safe around the swimming pool.
What would you suggest?

A: Many of today’s safety products sold are meant to be the last lines of defense in keeping our children safe. Proper supervision by an adult is always our number one recommendation. However, to create a strong defense system Superior Pool & Spa strongly advocates safety pool covers and fencing. Safety alarms are also a smart way to make a silent event audible in the case of an unseen accident. At Superior Pool & Spa we believe there is no price you can put on peace of mind and the security of a well protected family. Products to help achieve these goals can always be supplied by Superior Pool & Spa