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Superior Pool & Spa also offers additional services to prevent unexpected expenses and inconveniences which always occur at the most inopportune times.

Safety Covers, Alarms and Safety Fencing Installations:
Superior Pool & Spa firmly believes you cannot put a price on your family’s safety.  We know the importance of keeping your backyard safe.  Whether you are looking to install safety fencing around your pool, a safety alarm during the swimming season to keep the little ones and pets safe or if you are looking to install a safety cover for the winter, Superior Pool & Spa can help.  Safety covers are surprisingly affordable and look beautiful compared to standard winter covers.  We offer free estimates and measuring on both safety fencing and safety covers. (Measuring fee is waived upon purchase and installation.)

Winter Cover Watch Service:
This service is highly recommended for all pool customers. The Cover Watch Service Program is designed to minimize and even prevent winter damage to the pool and equipment from water, snow and ice. The Cover Watch Service provides the following services for a small fee per month for one (1) monthly visit available at the customer’s discretion from October through April (*Additional visits can be purchased*). This service is not generally provided during January and February due to possible extreme weather conditions at that time of year, however we will always respond to emergency problems anytime of the year and if the weather is mild, we will provide this service during January and February.
Water is pumped off of Pool Cover (*Additional fee applies for removal of debris*)
Pool Covers are inspected for tears and adjustments are made to water bags and springs are adjusted if necessary
Filter and Heater Equipment covers are inspected and adjusted if necessary

Winter Filter Overhaul Service:
This service is recommended for all D.E filters and all Automatic Pool Cleaners. Services will be conducted at the end of the pool season at our location.
Disassemble, Inspect, Clean and Re-Assemble

Pressure Washing Service:
If your backyard or surrounding pool area is not as clean as you would like it to be, let Superior Pool & Spa brighten it up. Pressure Washing is an affordable way to increase the appearance and value of your home. Let us clean your pool area, patio, walkway or driveway.

Homeowner Pool Training Course:
If taking care of your pool is a responsibility you wish to assume than let Superior Pool & Spa provide you with a hands-on session of pool care training in your own backyard.  This service is invaluable for anyone who always wanted to know how the Pro’s do it!

Chemicals & Pool Accessories:
People often feel that Chemicals & Pool accessories can be expensive, but at Superior Pool & Spa we pass on the savings of wholesale pricing directly to the customer.  Less over head means we are able to provide the lowest price without sacrificing any quality; we Guarantee it!
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