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Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance:
When it comes to residential swimming pool maintenance there is no other company that offers as complete a service as Superior Pool & Spa.  We work with the customer to design a maintenance program that best fits the needs of the customer’s swimming pool.  Whether your pool is maintained once, twice, or bi-weekly Superior Pool & Spa wants you to enjoy your pool.  Let us take care of everything.  Our maintenance programs offer the following:
Emptying of Skimmer Baskets.
Emptying of Trap Basket.
Cleaning of Automatic Cleaners.
Brushing of Walls.
Cleaning of Tiles.
Vacuuming of Pool.
Cleaning of Skimmer Throats.
Skimming of the Pool Surface.
Backwashing the Filter (*When Needed*). 

Clean and Backwash Filter Element or Add and Recharge Filter Media (*diatomaceous earth, sand and/or cartridge at additional charge*)

“Superior Pool & Spa wants you to enjoy your pool.  Let us take care of everything.”

10 Point Water Test ...Every Visit:
Free Available Chlorine Combined Available Chlorine
Total Available Chlorine Bromine (*if Applicable*)
pH Level Total Alkalinity
Cynauric Acid Calcium Hardness
Copper Iron
Superior Pool & Spa will perform a comprehensive ten point water test at every maintenance visit.

A Detailed Checklist:
Upon completion of every maintenance visit Superior Pool & Spa will leave behind a detailed maintenance checklist. All checklists will also record any chemicals added or that need to be added.  It also will list possible concerns or repairs needed or suggested.  Superior Pool & Spa knows that all good relationships revolve around solid communication.  Superior Pool & Spa will make sure that you are aware of everything regarding your swimming pool.